Monday, November 9, 2015

Edith Head costume worn by Hedy Lamarr in "My Favorite Spy"

In honor of Hedy Lamarr's 101st birthday anniversary, I thought I'd share one of my favorite pieces in the collection, a black cocktail dress worn by Hedy in Paramount's "My Favorite Spy" alongside Bob Hope in 1951... 

Edith Head designed cocktail dress worn by Hedy Lamarr in "My Favorite Spy" Paramount, 1951

Dress worn by Hedy Lamarr in "My Favorite Spy"

Paramount movie costume for Hedy Lamarr designed by Edith Head

Designed by Edith Head, it's made of black silk, it features a built in under-dress, and a wrap skirt. It's very sexy, and very representative of her style as one of the great dark haired beauties of classic Hollywood along with Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh, Gene Tierney, Suzanne Pleshette, etc... 
Here's the original costumer's label with her name. Notice how her first name is misspelled, a common occurrence with these labels. It's amazing to me that people who worked at the studio didn't know the spelling of the stars' names! An Ann Harding coat that I identified for a dealer was labeled as "Ann Hardex", lol. Just too funny...

Google paid tribute to her today with one of their great "google doodles" ... 


  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely Hedy Lamarr Joe :) Lovely to see it, as always great images done very well. Arild

    1. Thanks Arild for the kind words, always nice to hear from a fellow collector... your Hedy piece is nice as well!